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Discount & Cancellation Policy - Kefalonian Lines

Kefalonian Lines
CHILDREN up to 5 years FREE
CHILDREN from 5 to 10 years old 50% discount
Unemployed in Kefalonia Island (Unemployment Card + ID issued in Kefalonia) 50% off
Students of Kefalonian Merchant Marine Academy 50% discount
People with disabilities (80% or more) and their escorts 50% discount

Negliers of war / War victims / Assistants / Escorts / Fighters National. Resistance 50% off Students 30% discount

Retired NATs and their spouses 50% discount
Multiple (4 CHILDREN <) 50% discount
Disabled vehicles 50% discount

A 20% discount is also granted to passengers and vehicles on the return ticket when it is issued at the same time.

The above discounts are not cumulative.

Beneficiaries of the above discounts are kindly requested both when issuing their tickets and when boarding the ship to show the legal supporting documents under which the discount or free tickets are granted.


All cars length up to 4,25 meters, the category IX1 (IV to 4,25 meters)is used.
Small cars up to 3.70m. 30% discount


The electronic reservation system provides automatically a 48 hour time limit for each booking, for the ticket issuance.


Up to 14 days prior to departure 100% fare refund
Up to 12 days prior to departure 75% fare refund
Up to 7 days prior to departure 50% fare refund
For cancellations made less than 12 hours before departure, the fare is not refunded.

Alternatively, it is possible to convert tickets into Open Date tickets for use on a subsequent voyage if requested by the passenger. Open Date tickets may be replaced with a new ticket of equal or greater value, paying the fare difference, if seats are available.

No fare difference may be returned from the original fare. The new ticket issued cannot be discounted if it the initial ticket was not discounted also, and vehicle tickets cannot be replaced with passenger tickets and vice versa.

Open Date Tickets are valid (must be replaced) for one year.


In case a ticket is lost, a new one must be purchased. Then the loss must be reported in writing, indicating the date of the trip, the route and the number of the lost ticket, as well as a photocopy of the new one with its prominent number.

If within one month the old ticket has not been used(confirmed by the company’s checks), the ticket holder is entitled to a free ticket of equal value with the lost ticket.

Nominal passenger record

According to the Community Directive 98/41, it is mandatory for safety reasons to record the names of all passengers on each route
During the electronic booking, passengers must provide their real information e.g. telephone number, so that they can be informed in case delay or route cancellation. In case the passenger does not wish to disclose contact details, this must be recorded in writing on his ticket.

Unaccompanied minors

An unaccompanied child may travel as long as the crew of the ship is informed so as to be supervised.