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The island of Tinos is located in the Aegean Sea, and is the fourth largest in the Cyclades.


Generally there are several companies offering routes towards the island of Tinos.
From Piraeus, you can get the following shipping companies: Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Sea Ways, and Aegean Speed Lines. From Rafina you can get the following shipping companies: Cyclades Fast Ferries, Hellenic Sea Ways, Blue Star Ferries, Agoudimos Lines and Sea Jets.


The best way to discover the island is by car or a bike, as most roads are in very good condition. There is also local transport linking the town with several villages of the island and taxis that you can find in the town.


Tinos is known to almost everyone for its church of Panagias Evangelistrias. Crowds travel throughout the year to worship, especially on March 25 and August 15.


The island of Tinos has beaches where you will be able to go to enjoy the sun and swim. Some beaches worth visiting are Kolimbithra the Pachyammos, Kalyvia, the Ysternia and Lychnaftia. You can also combine swimming with lunch at Agio Marco, Agio Sostis and at Ormo Giannakis.


The choices of entertainment that the island of Tinos has to offer are somewhat limited. Choose to relax in one of the many cafes in the main town or in different villages and when the sun is setting you can calmly sip your drink in one of the charming little bars on the island.


The island of Tinos is a destination with many contradictions, particularly in the age groups that visit. However, you can choose Tinos as a summer destination as it will surely reward you with the charm, the excellent food and the hospitality of the locals.


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