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The island of Kythnos is located in the Western Cyclades between Kea and Serifos.

It has regular ferry connections to the port of Lavrion, where the trip takes about 2 hours.


Ferries from the port of Piraeus to Kythnos are carried out by Zante Ferries and Ventouris Sea Lines.

If you want, you can travel from the port of Lavrion, with Nel Lines or Marmari Express.

There are daily routes connecting Kythnos with Serifos, Sifnos, Milos and Kimolos.

Twice each week there is a cruise ship to Santorini, Sikinos and Folegandros.


The island is relatively small so you can tracel comfortably with the local buses.

However, if you want your travel and visit places on the island not served by local transport we suggest that you have your own vehicle.

Through Viva.gr you can quickly and easily rent a car in Kythnos!


Kythnos has many beautiful beaches, relatively small, which are amazing picturesque bays.

The most famous beach of the island is Loutra,the beach has a thermal springs known to have beneficial properties.

Apart from the beach of Loutra you can visit the beaches of Agia Erene, Liotrivi, Martinakia Schinari and Agio stefano.


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